Interviews to members of the Muslim that the Ramadan!

New moon can not see I decide to see efforts Ramadan in ... Shamsul to be active as a career consultant in active connector is a Muslim. Therefore, now we have the Ramadan. That the other members of the active connector wanted I asked Shamsul that the Ramadan, today I tried to interview! The first place or will do What is Ramadan? Shamsul: Ramadan There are of course religious aspects, more than that I myself am working I want to feel through the large Ramadan that was taught by parents and schools (Saturday School). Since I was born and raised in Australia, it was not especially in life or trouble to something. By the fasting in Ramadan, suffering hunger in other countries in the world, because do not drink do not eat is I have a lot of people not an option, I remember that. By you think such a thing, what usually of their own is how blessed, and again you realize that to be contributed what to the social area because it is kind of their own.
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