And the feast that Malaysians eat the Muslim fasting Ramadan ...

New moon can not see I decide to see efforts Ramadan in ... Malay Peninsula and the tropical countries across the Borneo island north, Malaysia. In fact this country, is the gastronomic of the country in which people in the know. Therefore, in this series, Malaysia of the "delicious rice" a person who became a captive of gather than [Association of Malaysia rice], deliver a delicious Malaysia information. Diverse cultures each other melt, to everyone smile who eat, you come upon a much-valued Malaysia rice. Most important in the Islamic world [Ramadan] that the "line" Multi-ethnic nation Malaysia. Ethnic each, are living while protecting the importance of religion and the eating habits of their country. For this reason, the kingdom of food to a variety of dishes and deep food culture can experience. Among the various ethnic groups, Malay race that is often most number. They believe in Islam. Now Islamic people, which is also said to account for about / of the world's population. In Malaysia, all over the place, touch the food culture of Islam, you can taste.

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