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New moon can not see I decide to see efforts Ramadan in ... Fasting of the month of Ramadan has started from the end of last week. It seems to be customary for closer to God. Islam of staff Some people that ['m okay because accustomed to doing since I was a child], but a little spicy likely to watch after all. But When I well better listen to the story, it seems to bear the lack of sleep than to not eat. The reason why lack of sleep ... Am around: snacks happening with the Asahi, choice [Fajr] (eating and drinking prohibited until night from after this, tobacco is also NG) Time around: to again going to bed as usual to wake up work Time: rest day I do not eat, pray [Zuhr] (I will take a lunch in the staff and the people of the Christian!) Am: business start of the noon break is shortened to half the afternoon than usual time early closing! Pm: choice [Azul] Time around: after eating a snack called Ifutaru along with the sunset, choice [Maghreb] 0 o'clock around: choice [Isher] (pious people this after what time, it seems especially men do go to the mosque) Night: eat dinner bedtime What roughly like this, according to my interviews.

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