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New moon can not see I decide to see efforts Ramadan in ... Muslims of the world is coming to when you accept a century of wisdom that have been soon achieved by mankind. Ramadan dawn of the day (the end to the month and day this year, festival period starting from the day) For, today is to be able to identify the scientific long time ago in advance the exact day, Muslims to adopt such a scientific approach it should. [Elders in each country to verify the days of Ramadan was observed with the naked eye the crescent (= Uruya) approach, in the era of now from the back more than 000 years the Prophet Muhammad (0 around ~) brings together the existing knowledge which has been devised Te, it is said that as at the time was reasonable. However, only the movement means at the time the horses or camels, had been limited communication means in the communication of the letter through a messenger of this ride (it took a few months from a few days to reach the opponent). ] And letters daily newspaper Gulf News paper of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been reported in the month date of the editorial.

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