Ramadan (Ramadan) and is [pixiv Encyclopedia]

New moon can not see I decide to see efforts Ramadan in ... The first month of the Islamic calendar. Revelation from God to the Prophet Muhammad is a month that has been made, is considered a sacred month. Muslims during this month, the fasting. During this time, all of the food and drink is prohibited. Especially devout believer is split even the act of drinking a saliva. To say is only in even the day (from dawn to sunset), sunset after normal meal can be. However, the amount for which is increased, some who gain weight during the Ramadan period. This obligation is merely in the [principle], pregnant women having the possibility of risking life by fasting, infants, the elderly, the poor, the sick, warriors, travelers, people such as manual workers are exempt. But from that during the Ramadan period, which is also added to the point many times of good deeds to be evaluated, is to try to practice in a possible range of people of these subjects have been norm. Greeting [Ramadan Kareem]
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