Ramadan Fitr festival of "Hari Raya" | this month of Japanese Partners ...

New moon can not see I decide to see efforts Ramadan in ... Selamat hari raya! (Sula mat Hari Raya = greeting to celebrate the fasting Fitr) From the end of the month of Ramadan Fitr, is a Malaysia that the celebration has continued. This month is, throughout the city, is carried out events of [Hari Raya], you can enjoy the atmosphere. After Ramadan is opened is, around the home of relatives, eat rice in the family reunion. There is also up to, such as the lottery [Duiraya (gift money)], exactly, is like a New Year. I also visited the relatives home of the teacher, now treat the rice for each house. Can be at once experience the food culture of Malaysia, was the day-to-day satiety every day. In particular, there is a traditional food eaten at the time of Hari Raya. Put the coconut milk and Mochimai in the bamboo, is to steamed [Geneva]. The [Geneva] is a traditional food of Hari Raya from the old days, it seems to have been made with family full force in every home. This time, 0 duty making Geneva in person, if you include also the step of steamed, but it was a lot of work of Gakari half a day, was able to very good experience.

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