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New moon can not see I decide to see efforts Ramadan in ... The Ramadan, the Islamic calendar of th of the month (month daily on a regular basis month this year). Prophet Muhammad was blessed with a revelation from God, it has been a sacred month. The is carried out in the month of Ramadan [fasting]. Know the appreciating of food, wins a thought to the poor people of the circumstances, to wear the patience strength, such as ...... to increase the faith, you have a variety of meaning is put in fasting. Nevertheless, nothing we can not not eat and drink with. To eat during the period from sunset to dawn, do you become exactly the kind of diet? This time, will deliver the talk of Ramadan Gourmet (?). The first place any event I [Ramadan]? Ramadan of this year (2.0 years), until a regular basis month on a regular basis month. To be announced after confirming the new moon with the naked eye, the official date is not found to not be on the day. In Dubai, the organization committee to observe the moon, things that announced the end date and Ramadan start date.

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